Relationship Focus 16

Mountain Ridge Capital appreciates the full value of your business, acts supportively toward borrowers, and has the strength to deliver financing quickly and reliably.

We look at you a bit differently

The minute you contact Mountain Ridge Capital, two things happen:


Your universe of usable assets may expand, because there is no asset of meaningful value that we won’t consider in determining your potential collateral.


The amount you can borrow against any given collateral may expand as well, because in our underwriting process, we do what it takes to learn about your business and your collateral in a way that helps us truly understand each. This is rare in the loan industry.

The end result: Your business’s borrowing base, the amount of credit made available to you, could well be higher with Mountain Ridge Capital.

Values We Hold: Not only respect, but support

Mountain Ridge Capital is a service-oriented, responsive team whose mission is to meet the needs of lower-middle-market companies and help them solve challenges and fuel growth.

The bedrock of our values is our true respect for the business people we serve. Respect naturally leads to treating borrowers right. Yes, we are lenders, but we also see ourselves as partners.


Average experience in asset-based lending of Mountain Ridge Capital leadership team


Cumulative asset-based financing structured by leadership team before founding Mountain Ridge

A love affair with
the lower mid-market

A love affair with the lower mid-market

Mountain Ridge Capital is a young, well-funded company created by longtime veterans of the asset-based lending industry. And we are on a mission to bring reliable asset-based financing to the very businesses that other lenders have been moving away from: the lower mid-market.

We think the lower mid-market is an exciting place to be, full of human and financial potential. We founded Mountain Ridge Capital in 2021 because after decades of experience in asset-based lending serving businesses of all sizes, we saw a real need there. And we love seeing our borrowers solve challenges, grow, and succeed.

It takes strong financial footing to stand behind borrowers

To ensure borrowers get the liquidity they are promised, and to be able to act flexibly when the unexpected happens—that takes financial strength on the part of a lender.

We founded Mountain Ridge Capital alongside a partner that ensures such strength. Mountain Ridge Capital is an affiliate of the merchant capital provider Arena Investors, one of the fastest-growing, most innovative and borrower-supportive credit investors in the country.

Mountain Ridge Capital itself may have a short history, but with our team’s long experience in asset-based lending and alliance with Arena Investors, we like to say, We’re new, but old…we’re small, but big.