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The Mountain Ridge team combines a passion for relationship lending with deep experience in asset-based solutions.

We invite potential borrowers, borrower representatives, and partners to contact any Mountain Ridge team member.

Headshot of Craig Winslow

Craig Winslow, Chief Executive Officer

Craig combines national-scale ABL experience with a personalized focus on every borrower

Headshot of Bill Drmacich

Bill Drmacich, Managing Director, Originations

Bill brings a relationship focus and deep lending experience across the Southeast region

Headshot of Jay Fabian

Jay Fabian, CFA, Managing Director, Originations

Jay’s financial analysis skill helps drive custom credit solutions across the Midwest and West

Headshot of Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams, Managing Director, Business Development

Dan combines innovative deal structuring with a strong focus on building relationships

Headshot of Michael Carlson

Michael Carlson, Director, Business Development

Michael’s long experience in private credit serves borrowers well in the Rockies and West Coast regions

Headshot of Trevor Courtney

Trevor Courtney, Vice President, Originations

Trevor’s entrepreneurial approach brings custom solutions to clients across the Plains and Southwest

Headshot of Tree Buckingham

Tree Buckingham, EVP Operations

Tree is a longtime innovator in customer-centric secured finance

Headshot of Matthew Salatti

Matthew Salatti, Managing Director of Accounting

Matthew provides expertise across financial disciplines including accounting, planning, and transitional events

Headshot of Greg Gentry

Greg Gentry, Managing Director, Portfolio and Underwriting

Greg has deep experience in asset-based underwriting and portfolio management

Headshot of Claire McNamara

Claire McNamara, Associate, Portfolio and Underwriting

Claire supports loan structuring and management across industries and regions

Headshot of Dylan Walter

Dylan Walter, Associate, Portfolio and Underwriting

Dylan provides creative solutions to serve middle-market ABL clients with underwriting and loan management

Headshot of Chris DiFabio

Chris DiFabio, Senior Collateral and Operations Analyst

Chris’s expertise in collateral supports creative finance solutions