Loans and Collateral 16

Asset-based revolver and term loans and other solutions for businesses in any industry

Our goal: To help our borrowers meet their challenges and succeed

Revolving credit

Term loans




Capitalization partner

$5 million
to $30 million+

$1 million
to $10 million+

Typically 3 years

Any industry

North America

Arena Investors

Liquidity without the demands of traditional bank financing

With an asset-based loan, bank-like covenant packages and positive cash flow are not required. Costs for asset-based loans may be higher than for highly-regulated cash-flow-based loans, but availability of funds and flexibility can be much greater.

Speed and flexibility throughout the life of the loan

Our ability to respond to borrowers’ financing needs quickly is a hallmark of asset-based lending. For some businesses, the lack of bank-like restrictions, the speed, and ongoing flexibility make non-bank asset-based financing a smart choice even when they could obtain a covenant-heavy bank loan.

We lend for a wide variety of purposes

Working capital

Growth capital


Supporting rapid growth

Bridge funds

Equipment finance

Inventory finance

Real estate finance



Debt refinance

Exit finance

Dividend recap


Lender finance

Accounts receivable finance

Balance sheet restructuring


Revenue downturns

Seasonal or cyclical needs

Trade finance

And other uses for capital

When it comes to collateral, we take a very broad viewWhen it comes      
to collateral, we take a very broad view

Many asset-based lenders will consider only a few types of collateral. At Mountain Ridge Capital, there are no preset limitations. If an asset has value, we are willing to consider it.

With Mountain Ridge, borrowers may achieve the liquidity their businesses need with less collateral than they thought…or obtain more liquidity than they expected with the assets they have.


Physical Assets


Financial Assets


Tangible Assets


Intangible Assets


Conventional Assets


Unconventional Assets


  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory (including WIP & finished)
  • Raw materials
  • Machinery & equipment
  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Rolling stock
  • Intellectual property such as brands
  • Company equity
  • Non-borrower assets used as guaranty; may include real estate, automobiles, watercraft, art, collectibles, liquid assets
  • And more