Partnerships 13

A lending platform built for partnership with stakeholders across the ownership and capital spectrums

We see lower mid-market businesses as the perfect size for productive collaboration

The core ethic at Mountain Ridge Capital is that collaboration is the most productive route for envisioning and creating deals and seeing them through to success for all parties.

This includes collaboration not only with entrepreneurial business owners/managers directly, but also with PE firms, independent sponsors, business brokers, boutique investment bankers, and other related stakeholders.

One-off transactions can be great. But multiple collaborations over time with parties you’ve come to know—that’s even better.

We look for and welcome partners with complementary skills and resources

At Mountain Ridge Capital, we believe that partners working in true alignment can make otherwise impossible deals possible and promote successful outcomes for all. We actively look for potential partners who have a sourcing, underwriting, or liquidation specialty and are looking for a fund to support them.

We appreciate and seek to reward our deal referral sources and to foster ongoing cooperation that opens doors for all.

With the strength of backing by Arena Investors, we have the ability to lead larger asset-based transactions

$30 MM
to $100 MM

Potential size of funding contribution to partnerships


Professionals in our affiliate network with industry and transaction expertise


Customized credit-based transactions by our capitalization partner Arena Investors