Experienced, supportive lenders with


in capital to lend

We see the exceptional value in lower mid-market companies.

Mountain Ridge Capital provides highly flexible financing solutions. Our experienced team is equally comfortable lending into unstressed and stressed situations. Our loans are highly customized to borrowers’ needs.

We provide liquidity uniquely in 3important

We will consider more types of collateral than most, including tangible and intangible assets.

We may advance more against given assets—more, even, than other asset-based lenders.

Our underwriting process lets us offer borrowers flexibility even in difficult times.

Mountain Ridge Loans

Customers Lower-mid-market businesses
Loan size $1 MM to $30 MM+

Relationship Focus

How does Mountain Ridge manage to consider more types of collateral, more liquidity, and real flexibility for our customers?

We understand that not all businesses are created equal. We get to know our customers as unique businesses, not just borrowers, and that empowers us to treat them like partners.


The Mountain Ridge platform is built for collaboration with a great variety of stakeholders who have an interest in mid-market financing solutions.

Success for partners and borrowers is our goal.